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Orange flowers juice up any garden

Orange Flowers

Dahlias, petunias, hibiscus and many other plants produce juicy orange blossoms. 

When your garden needs a fresh pop of color, consider adding orange flowers.
Orange and green are complimentary colors on the color wheel, meaning that they contrast with one another perfectly. Since most gardens include green foliage, orange flowers stand out beautifully.
You have your pick of plenty of orange flowering possibilities, from annuals and perennials to vines and vegetables. And orange ranges from a pure pumpkin orange to an almost fluorescent orange to a more muted terra cotta, so depending on your garden, there’s a hue for everyone. Think orange trumpet vines, orange pansies and petunias or orange poppies.
My article published in The Denver Post includes tips for using orange flowers in your garden or containers. Whatever the season, orange flowers will juice up your outdoor spaces. You may read the article here.

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