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The Felixes: Mr. and Mrs. Western Landscape

Sushe and Tracy Felix are married to one another and to their art.

Devoted to one another and to their paintings, they are featured in my piece for Western Art & Architecture magazine.

For Tracy, the mountain peaks he paints provide plenty of inspiration. “The landscape in the West is so vast and varied,” he said. 

He admires his wife’s experimental approaches. “Sushe has always experimented with her work and tried so many new ways to create a piece of art,” said Tracy.

She admires her husband’s love of the Western landscape and of Modernism and how he combines them together. “We both share a love of the landscape around us. I like to take that landscape and make up my own compositions,” she said. 

“The Western landscape is full of a variety of beautiful forms and colors. I love to combine the dramatic mountain forms with the rocks and cliffs that exist here. There is also a rich variety of earth tone that add to the West’s beauty,” Sushe said.

The couple’s work bears resemblance in the way that some married people grow to resemble one another. 

“Our painting techniques are different,” said Tracy,” but our paintings achieve the same goal of modernism.” 

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Gardening was not cancelled

Colorado residents make the most of the outdoor lifestyle with outdoor rooms, fire and water features, and landscapes that make sheltering at home a pleasure.

The great outdoors took on even more significance during our pandemic quarantine and subsequent safe practices. For Colorado Expression, I interviewed the president of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado. He shared some tips, trends and some very good news about a silver lining that surfaced during COVID-19.

My article is published in the new issue of Colorado Expression magazine.

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