About Colleen Smith

Colleen SmithColleen Smith was a standout student in the Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa, where she earned her BA in English. Smith began freelancing as a writer, journalist, and art-director in 1995. Her first novel, Glass Halo, published in September 2010 was selected as a finalist for the 2010 Santa Fe Literary Award. She has made a living as a writer working in almost every professional vein: teaching creative writing to college students, filing features as a journalist, editing and art-directing corporate communication and marketing materials, even blogging. Smith contributes regularly to national and regional publications, both Catholic and secular, including The Denver Post, Sunset Magazine and Wild Blue Yonder Magazine. She is completing her second literary novel, and is at work on several works of nonfiction. Her awards include the E.P. Kuhl Shakespeare Prize for Literary Criticism from the University of Iowa English Department, the Fairall Scholar of Creative Writing from the Iowa Undergraduate Writers’ Workshop, and Catholic Press Association Awards for Editorial and Feature Writing.

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