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Photographer stops summer: a fine-art photo series of the season

Photos by Dianne Allison

Like many or most people, I have mixed feelings about Facebook, but as a journalist I have made many professional connections there, including the fine-art photographer Diane Allison. I don’t recall how we met, but Diane’s photo collages on Facebook immediately caught my eye. I found myself giving lots of thumbs up and hearts to her posts.

When reporting an article about dandelions, my assignment charged me with providing photos. I remembered a macro shot of a dandelion Diane had posted. Eventually, my editor and his boss agreed the photos were so eye-catching they would buy them to accompany my article.

Then, I approached my acquisitions editor at Art + Object, an international online site known for high-brow coverage of the high-end art scene. He agreed immediately, too, that Diane’s images warranted an article. Then my editor had the idea for a series about summer: brilliant! I’ve always loved summer, so curating this fine-art photo tribute was a joyful task this summer of 2021. With the fruits and flowers, insects, fireworks, rainbows and carousel unicorns of summer, this series is as relaxed as the season and requires only clicking through one magical image after another: 11 in all, including the inspired artist.

Here is a link to the slide show with no pay wall!.

And here are links to Diane Allison and her beauty vision:


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How the pandemic improved the health of Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Arts

Creativity is always a valuable commodity when it comes to problem-solving. And what bigger problem than COVID-19, which shuttered the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Denver. The museum known for rule-breaking quirk put their creative, out-of-the-box thinking to work during quarantine and wound up growing their audience substantially via virtual programs. I had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with MCA Denver’s articulate and enthusiastic director, Nora Burnett Abrams — pictured below in images from the internet — to talk about how COVID-19 inspired a healthier MCA Denver.

Here’s a link to my article published by Art & Object.

And here’s a link to MCA Denver where you can learn more about what’s happening now and in the future to celebrate the silver anniversary of the museum.

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An art collector and a philanthropist, George Wiegers’ nest in Cherry Creek North

As if this penthouse’s views of Colorado’s Front Range Rocky Mountains, downtown Denver’s skyline and, below, Cherry Creek North weren’t enough, the apartment is a virtual art gallery. The homeowner, George Wiegers, discussed his digs in Denver, his investment banking career in New York City, and his connection to Vail. One of Colorado’s most generous philanthropists, Wiegers founded The Depression Center, a national network for people suffering mental illness. He and his wife, Betsy, also were instrumental in bringing world class philharmonic orchestras and ballet companies to Bravo Vail. Wiegers, a 6th generation New Yorker, loves all the West has to offer, particularly alpine skiing, fly-fishing and the Colorado art scene.

Click here to read the article published by Colorado Expression magazine.

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