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Jeremiah Fraites of The Lumineers discusses new album, “III” and more

Jeremiah Fraites founded The Lumineers with his friend Wesley Schultz. The band was the first and only to book three consecutive nights at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre.
Photo by Heather Longway courtesy Museum of Outdoor Arts and Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre


WHILE COVERING THE MUSIC BEAT for The Denver Post, I reviewed The Lumineers’ Red Rocks debut. The band landed in Denver, and soared from the Mile High City to international stardom. I saw the band go even bigger when they were the first and only band to book three consecutive nights at the Museum of Outdoor Arts venue Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre, a home stand with the acoustic excellence of the region’s largest outdoor concert venue.
I’d wanted to write about The Lumineers again for years, and the opportunity presented itself when I met Jeremiah Fraites in our Denver neighborhood while walking to yoga one day. I recognized him and, star-struck, blurted out my gushing adoration for the band’s music. As fate would have it, I had an assignment for The Denver Business Journal to do a piece on The Lumineers. I saw Jeremiah again in the neighborhood, which resulted in the Q&A that’s part of my article. As in the case of recording a song, about a thousand steps rose and fell in between our initial meeting and the article in print and online.
Jeremiah talked about how the band stole its name, why he wears his onstage get-up and more. You can read it here.

The Lumineers are booked by AEG Presents. Read my article on how “Colorado’s music biz frontman Chuck Morris built an industry” here:

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Mile High City ups ante on corporate events: new venues, creative menus

Denver Business Journal's Corporate Events Guide

Denver Business Journal assigned me to write articles for their Corporate Events Guide, and I was impressed by the creative venues and menus.

Denver is stepping up the corporate party in the Mile High City with entertaining new venues and fresh menus. For my article “Throw a better party” in the Denver Business Journal’s Corporate Events Guide, I reported on five unusual venues including a repurposed airplane hangar and rooftop patios. I wrote, “In corporate events planning — as in real estate — one aspect prevails: location, location, location.”

I also reported on caterers with mouth-watering options for the multitudes, including people with dietary restrictions. My article “Dietary redistricting: Feeding the masses in a hot culinary market” emphasizes that Denver has shed its former cow-town meat-and-potatoes image in favor of a foodie destination. “Rubber chicken breast no longer cuts the mustard at corporate banquets,” I wrote, “and at business cocktail parties, predictable canapés are toast.”



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Chuck Morris: Colorado’s music man is a rock star of concert promotion


Gregory Alan Isakov, one of hundreds of artists promoted by AEG Presents, performs at Red Rocks.    — Photo by Colleen Smith


Chuck Morris’s half-century career in the music industry is well documented.

So is his signature look with a laid-back wardrobe akin to Neil Young’s and a collection of eyeglasses to rival Elton John’s. A native New Yorker, Morris perhaps more than any other individual has struck chords in Denver’s live music scene, growing the concert market into one of the most vibrant in the nation.

I reported on Morris, who heads up AEG Presents Rocky Mountains, for the Denver Business Journal. For my article, I interviewed the former governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, and the founder/CEO of MOA (Museum of Outdoor Arts) which owns Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre, the largest outdoor concert venue in the region.

Having reported on live music for many years, I was interested to learn more about how the music business runs. “It’s not a science,” Morris said.



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