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Indoor composting: easier (and less messy) than you think


Photo: RJ Sangosti of The Denver Post

If Jack Frost and Old Man Winter interfere with your composting, considering indoor composting with the same red wiggler worms that do the dirty work outdoors. Known as vermicomposting, this method isn’t as messy as you think. And, no, the worms don’t escape. They want to stay because they’re warm and well fed. And they’re creating worm castings–some of the richest growing material on the planet.
I reported on vermicomposting for The Denver Post, and my article includes everything you need to know about indoor composting: step-by-step instructions and even a helpful video.
When winter turns your compost pile into a Popsicle, vermicomposting allows you to continue using kitchen scraps and other compostable materials rather than trashing them in the landfill. Price worm castings, and you’ll quickly see the value of vermicomposting. The end result makes your efforts worthwhile not only for the planet, but for your own garden or houseplants.
Have a look here:

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Keyhole gardens: why and how to build a hybrid raised bed with compost


Keyhole gardens originated in Africa, but work well anywhere.
Photo courtesy of Send A Cow. 

Keyhole gardens are the best idea I’ve unearthed in more than two decades of garden writing. The gardens originated more than 20 years ago in Africa, where AIDS and drought took a toll on people and gardens. Keyhole gardens combine the best of raised beds and composting, can be irrigated with gray water, and make the most of garden space.

I first learned of the gardens during a drought in Denver, and gathered materials to build one, but never got around to it because I feared the garden might appear junky in my small back yard. However, landscape architects embracing the keyhole garden concept are building these raised, typically round gardens from handsome stone that makes them an attractive highlight in any garden.

My article published by The Denver Post includes step-by-step tips for building a keyhole garden, properly siting the keyhole, and what to plant in these ingenious gardens. You may read my article at this link.

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