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Inviting outdoor plants to overwinter indoors yields benefits

Geraniums Ireland

Zonal geraniums, one of many outdoor plants that overwinter well indoors.

Yes, cleaning up, cutting back, washing up and hauling in outdoor plants to overwinter indoors requires work. But the benefits of an indoor garden during winter months outweigh the hassles.
Overwintering plants not only grows your plant collection, the plants also improve the air in your home. When shut up during winter months, off-gasses accumulate, but since plants breathe carbon monoxide and exhale fresh oxygen, plants and people make perfect roommates.
Many scientific studies now demonstrate the healing properties plants bestow upon people. There’s a reason why we bring fresh flowers and green plants to people in the hospital!
Now’s the time to invite those favorite plants indoors to overwinter by a sunny window. Zonal geraniums, some begonias, succulents and cacti, tropical plants and herbs all will enjoy the winter months indoors. You’ll satisfy your garden jones by caring for living plants during the dead of winter. Some will provide you flowers and culinary herbs. And when spring rolls around again, you just reintroduce the plants gradually outdoors again. Voila!
My article published in The Denver Post includes lots of how-to tips from professional landscape designers. Learn more about overwintering plants at this link.



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