Honored CEOs work hard and workout hard, too

When I interviewed three outstanding CEOs honored by the Denver Business Journal, I asked each about their work life, and also his or her workouts. Though these business leaders put in lots of hours at their jobs, they also make time to exercise, proving the old adage “sound body, sound mind.”

To read about these three CEO’s click the links below:

Maureen Hewitt leads InnovAge gracefully

 Dave DuPont’s TeamSnap has competitive edge

BlueSky aims high with CEO Kent Stemper  


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Outstanding women leaders honored by Denver Business Journal


For the Denver Business Journal, I interviewed two women honored as Outstanding Women in Business. These inspirational woman manage to balance their personal and professional lives: one in tech and one in tea.

To read the articles, click the links below:

Sha Ma: Defining her own leadership style, one success at a time

Linda Appel Lipsius: Teed up for success through good works and savvy

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Colorado Vincentian Volunteers assist “poorest of the poor” in Denver


All aspects of the annual fund-raising mailing — from writing and design to printing and mailing — are donated so that all donations directly benefit CVV. 

About 20 years ago, I was awarded the Archdiocese of Denver Peacemaker’s Award for my writing about social justice issues. The same year, the Peacemaker’s Award also went to Mary Frances and Bill Jaster, who founded Colorado Vincentian Volunteers (CVV), a group of young, professional volunteers partnering with 20-some agencies in Denver serving people in need.

The Jasters recruited me as a volunteer to assist with communications, and ever since I’ve helped write and art-direct the annual fundraising mailing that generates support for the CVV mission of working with people in need. I deeply admire the Jasters and their Volunteers and have been happy to participate in a small way in their mission to work with the “poorest of the poor” in Denver’s inner city.

You can learn more about Colorado Vincentian Volunteers at this link.

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Rembrandt’s prints at Denver Art Museum

The Shell-BNF.jpg

Rembrandt’s only still-life print depicts a seashell that may have been part of the artist’s personal collection.

Rembrandt was not only one of the world’s finest painters and printmakers, he also was a clever entrepreneur. For the Denver Business Journal, I reported on the artist’s business plans and practices.

You can read the article at this link.

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Babylon Floral’s garden of otherworldly delights


Arthur Williams incorporates human beings into his outrageous floral designs.

Photo by Amanda Baker.

Denver Art Museum recognized Arthur Williams is one of the most creative floral designers on the planet and gave him not one, but two exhibitions. The first, in 2015, was a one-month creative residency; and the second, in 2018,  a one-night “Untitled” show. I reported on Arthur Williams for Colorado Expression magazine. “It’s a modern take on the country garden,” he said, “but I like to tie in unexpected elements.”



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Dispatch: And the Beat Goes On


Bradley J. Corrigan marches to the beat of a different drummer. Or, more accurately, he makes to the beat of his own drums. For Colorado Expression magazine, I interviewed the percussionist, who also is a philanthropist whose notion of harmony extends far beyond the stage and into the world.

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How container gardens can convert your balcony or patio into an oasis


Photos by Colleen Smith.

Container gardens yield many benefits — not the least of which are lovely, low-maintenance landscapes and fresh veggies bursting from small spaces.

“The biggest benefit is that container gardening is great for people without soil to grow in, whether they live in small spaces or have balconies, or HOAs that don’t allow changes to landscaping,” said Brien Darby, manager of urban food programs at Denver Botanic Gardens.

For more information, read the full article.

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