Cherry Creek Arts Festival from a new point of view: that of an art show curator

Details from works by Colorado painters in the Cherry Creek Arts Festival

This year, when I attended the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, I had reported on the event for The Denver Gazette and my article published on opening day of the event with the headline from the CEO’s quote: “Art Can Be So Healing.” Link here

This year, I attended the festival with a totally fresh point of view: that of a curator of an art show. A few weeks ago, one of my longtime publishers — Art & Object in Chapel Hill, NC — recruited me to curate their Denver Art Showcase. How could I say no to a win for Denver artists and galleries, a win for the city of Denver, a win for my publisher and me and a win for our environment given that our vFair is entirely online.

I’ve been working day and night to curate the best art from Denver. I’ve been meeting with artists and gallerists, as well as art consultants and museum curators. It’s a huge learning curve! I have reported on the arts for 30+ years, but this is my maiden voyage as a curator.

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