Serving The Philippines and far beyond as a board member of Metro Infanta Foundation

My friend Mila Garcia Glodava and I met almost 30 years ago as communications colleagues. About 25 years ago, Mila showed me around her homeland in The Philippines–a place of beauty and poverty, of pristine islands and polluted cities, but overall a culture of beautiful people of warm hospitality and wide smiles. Mila is akin to the Mother Teresa of The Philippines.

When Mila asked me to serve on the board of the Metro Infanta Foundation she established 25 years ago, I couldn’t say no. Over the years, Mila and her foundation have accomplished a lot in three areas: education, faith-formation and cultural heritage preservation. I especially have a spot in my heart for the indigenous people similar to those pictured above whom I met while on my pilgrimage in Asia.

When Mila asked me to help her create communications for the 25th anniversary of her foundation, again I could not say no. But I had not idea until we got into the project how much she had accomplished, not only in The Philippines, but around the globe. We collaborated over the summer and produced a 24-page commemorative booklet in addition to collateral materials mailed just before Thanksgiving. The project was a lot of fun because we compiled all the foundation’s many wins. We also because we worked with the bright colors, rich indigenous textiles and tropical plants, as well as captivating images of The Philippines as we designed the direct mail package to reflect the islands.

Tired, but almost finished: Mila Garcia Glodava and me as we share a hug and celebrate out long history of collaboration.

Mila and I have a special synergy. We work hard together, but we always laugh hard, too. It’s been my honor to serve as a member of Mila’s Metro Infanta Foundation board since its inception 25 years ago and to contribute to this major project. Salamat Po! That’s Tagalog for “thank you.”

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