History Colorado: the state’s memory

When a PR staffer from History Colorado contacted me to say they’d enjoyed my recent magazine article about the director of Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art, he also invited me to interview the new director of History Colorado. I was already overbooked, yet I wanted to help a fellow female who was taking on a top position, so I agreed to report the feature for The Denver Gazette. I learned a lot about History Colorado, an organization that does much more than I ever imagined. History Colorado’s presence is in all corners of the state. Here’s the compelling layout published by The Denver Gazette:

The Denver Gazette published the photos I shot while visiting History Colorado, and I especially like this image of the new director with historic woman behind her.
At the History Colorado Center in Denver’s Cultural District, an exhibit titled “Zoom In” presents an authoritative chronology of the Centennial State using just 100 objects. All told, History Colorado’s collections contain 15 million objects and documents. 
The oldest artifact in ‘Zoom In’ is a stone spearhead known as a Folsom point that’s almost 13,000 years old. The newest object is a glass marijuana bong from 2012. In between, everything from the history of the first Christmas lights to the first skier’s chairlift on Aspen Mountain.

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