Ninja Nation CEO stretches physical and mental limits

Wayne Cavanaugh is Type A+. Driven and disciplined, the founder and CEO of Ninja Nation creates obstacle courses and knows how to overcome his own obstacles.

“Nobody is born good at anything,” he said. “You learn through repetitive hard work.”

Interviewing Cavanaugh for Denver Business Journal, I asked him, “What is your superpower?”

He responded, without missing a beat, “To authentically communicate and connect with people around me positive motivation to help kids and adults to find the hero version of themselves they never thought possible.”

For Cavanaugh, his company aligns with his life purpose.

“Ninja Nation is not just a business with a fun brand, but the culmination of my soul-searching to find a way to combine career and make a tremendously positive impact on the people around me.”

More details in my article published by Denver Business Journal:

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Wayne Cavanaugh cited his meditation practice using Coherence HeartRate+ and “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle as two of his favorite inspirational tools. 

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