EY Entrepreneur of David Stubenvoll shares his favorite books

For the Denver Business Journal, I conducted a series of profiles featuring EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalists, including David Stubenvoll, CEO of Wowza Media Systems. Stubenvoll’s impressive academic credentials include an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, a JD and an MBA, so I was curious about his favorite books. He singled out Nassim Nicholas Talebas a favorite author.  “His whole body of work had the biggest effect on me, but especially ‘Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets’ and ‘The Black Swan.’ Also, [Nobel Prize-winner] Daniel Kahneman’s book ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow.’ “
Also of note, Stubenvoll practices meditation, which he listed as one of his key elements of success. 
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